Our Story

From Asia-Minor To Greece To The US

If a family’s passion for exquisite food can be put in words, here is a little story I would like to share.

My grandparents set out on a journey when they were only 10 years old, dreaming of a life in peace and prosperity. It was a journey from Asia Minor to Greece. While they had to leave most of their belongings behind, they didn’t leave behind their passion for cooking and the aromas of spices they loved in Constantinople, their hometown.

Constantinople was a melting pot of rich gastronomic traditions. Cooking was an art, an expression of love and of caring for others. Ingredients were always fresh and chosen with care. Once they settled in Greece, my grandparents were able to prosper and raise a large family. Over the years, they introduced their cuisine to their new homeland and shared it with the generations to come.

I will always remember cooking with my grandmother when I was a little girl. I would sit on a high stool in the kitchen while she was cooking and she would ask me questions. “ So Mary, what do you think we should add to make it perfect? What is missing?”Whatever my answer was, she would always say “Remember Mary, the food you prepare is only delicious if made with love. You must always want to please the people you will be serving”.These words have never left me…